Ray reigns supreme in Medal of Medals

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Ray Moye was crowned with the Medal of Medals title on Saturday.

The Medal of Medals is contested each year between all monthly medal winners with Moye’s score of 71 net enough to defeat the rest of those in contention.

Club manager Norm Purtill picked up the Monthly Medal win, also claiming B grade with a fine 68 net, surviving a countback from A grade winner Ross Taylor, who also finished with 68.

A grade runner-up was Troy Grant with 70 net, whil Kevin Dunmore finished second in B grade with 69.

Kirk Thompson was the C grade winner with 69 net on a countback from Wendy Pekin.

Pekin’s 69 net was enough for her to claim the Ladies Medal.

At the men’s single stableford on Wednesday it was Barry Barlow carding 41 points to win A grade, with runner-up John Radeski scoring 37.

In B grade Murray Nilsson scored a whopping 44 points to finish in front of Greg Collins with an impressive 43.

On Thursday, November 1, the ladies played stroke with Carol Hardman surviving a countback from Glenda Campbell to win the day, after both finished on 70 net.

The much welcomed rain saw golf cancelled for the ladies’ Tuesday play.

The annual Legacy Charity Day will be held on Sunday.

The club will also hold its AGM at 11am on Sunday, November 18, which will be followed by the volunteers and staff Christmas party and presentation day.

In the clubhouse the Friday night raffles and Joker’s Wild will be held tonight.

If you want a top night out, head down to the club tonight from 6pm for your chance to win $3300.

Last week’s results:

Thursday, November 1, ladies stroke:

C Hardman 81-17-70 c/b, r/u G Campbell 91-21-70.

Ball comp: F Harrington, P Davis, S Simpson, M Radeski, K Leetham, A Ferguson, c/o 78.

NTP: J Armytage. Putting: S Simpson 30 putts c/b.

Saturday, November 3, stroke:

A grade R Taylor 68, r/u T Grant 70 c/b; B grade N Purtill 68, r/ K Dunmore 69; C grade K Thompson 69 c/b, r/u W Pekin 69.

Ball comp: R Taylor, N Purtill, K Dunmore, K Thompson, W Pekin, T Grant, J Radeski, R Moye, M Lyne, B Bennett, G Maddison, I Campbell, N Werner, S Bindon, S Harris, A Gorsuch, C Gomez, B Bourke, P Beckton, M Radeski, P Joice, J Irwin, T Cheetham, D Hunterm K Leetham, V Hutton, c/o 74.

NTP: 2nd R Taylor, F McCalman; 5th M Lyne, K Maher; 9th C Thomson, W Harris; 11th G Roberts, K Simpson; 13th B Bourke, B Bennett. Golden hole - K Maher.

Wednesday, November 7, men’s single stableford:

A grade B Barlow 41, r/u J Radeski 37; B grade M Nilsson 44, r/u G Collins 43.

Ball comp: M Nilsson, G Collins, B Barlow, W Bull, P Robinson, B Dixon, J Radeski, B Jennings, T Maw, P Beckton, D Wells, D Ring, A McLean, R Gray, R Moye, B Cohen, I Fuller, c/o 35.

NTP: 9th I Fuller, P Robinson. Golden hole - P Joice.