Smashers win opener

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deni Badminton Club held the first round of their Summer Competition on Monday night.

In the first match there were some closely contested games, but Smashers proved too strong in the end for Racqueteers, winning 301 to 241.

Pam Boulton and Bruce Maunganidze were both three game winners for Smashers.

In the second match Badminators were victors over Shuttle Masters with a similar scoreline of 298 to 242.

Troy Grant, Wes Bartlett and Tina Pisasale were 3 game winners all from Badminators.

It is great to see a full complement of players with both regular and new faces enjoying the fun and friendly atmosphere.

Next week Shuttle Masters come up against Racqueteers, while Hotshots play their first match against Badminators.

Smashers have the bye.