What a Classic

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Tony Conley and Adrian Eiffert teamed up to win the 36 hole Purtills Autumn Classic at the weekend.

They carded an impressive aggregate of 97 stableford points for the two days.

There were 120 players on the course on Saturday and Sunday, guaranteeing a great weekend of golf in ideal conditions.

Runners-up for the men, after a countback, were Ray Phillips and Ross Taylor with 91 points.

The 36 hole scratch event winners for the second year in a row were Peter Joice and Chris Thomson with 78 points.

Ladies 36 hole handicap winners were Margaret Rothwell and Jenny Anderson with 91 points, with runners-up Jayne Armytage and Margaret Radeski scoring 83.

Ladies scratch winners were Vicky Hutton and Lyn O’Brien with 53.

Saturday’s winners for the men were Des Ramsey and Jack Peacock with 46 points, on countback from Garry Davies and Peter Astill.

Ladies was claimed by Kym Sandford and Ali Ferguson on 43 points, ahead of Pauline Davis and Yvonne Holmes on 42.

Sunday’s men’s winners were Mick Huntington and Geoff King scoring 49, with Pat Seccull and Garry Chick runners-up on 47, while the ladies was won by Karen Druitt and Jayne Barlow with 50.

Virginia Lange and Kerran Leetham were the closest to them on 40 points.

On Wednesday the stableford event winner in A grade was Barry Barlow with 40 points, two ahead of Noel Swainger on 38.

Cory Liefting won B grade with 38 points on countback from Brian Dixon and in C grade it was Laurie Hughes with 38 points, winning ahead of Alister McLean on 36.

Last Thursday’s ladies three-person ambrose winners were Dot Wharton, Jen Choice and Prue Grant scoring 61, just ahead of Kym Sandford, Pauline Davies and Pam Taylor on 61.

Club members are reminded that their blind footy tipping cards need to be back in to club, or organising members by Tuesday.

The Mixed Vets event will be played on Monday, with 9am assembly for 9.30am shotgun start. There are 9 hole and 18 hole events and handicap and non-handicap sections, with a presentation lunch to follow.

In the clubhouse don’t forget to hang around after golf for the members’ draw and meat raffle draw.

Friday night meals will again be available, with members reminded that bookings are essential to avoid putting pressure on the chef, as occurred a couple of weeks ago when a big crowd turned up, but few reservations had been made. Please get your bookings in by 6pm each Friday.

Last week’s results:

Thursday, March 7, ladies three-person ambrose:

D Wharton, J Choice and P Grant 72-11-61; r/u K Sandford, P Davis and P Taylor 73-11-61. Ball comp: A Ferguson, B Purtill, P Lloyd, S Simpson, M Sharp, D Hunter, c/o 65.

Autumn Classic, Saturday and Sunday March 9 and 10:

36 hole events: Men’s handicap T Conley and A Eiffert 97, r/u R Phillips and R Taylor 91 c/b, scratch P Joice and C Thomson 78. Ladies handicap M Rothwell and J Adamson 91, r/u J Armytage and M Radeski 83, scratch V Hutton and L O’Brien 53.


Men D Ramsey and J Peacock 46 c/b, r/u G Davies and P Astill 46; ladies K Sandford and A Ferguson 43, r/u P Davies and Y Holmes 42.

Ball comp: Men A Eiffert, T Conley, G Davies, P Astill, B Bourke, D McQuie, R Phillips, R Taylor, B Barlow, L Campbell, M McCartney, P Raven, P Joice, C Thomson, C Liefting, R Landy, D Ramsey, J Peacock, M Thomas, G Willis, M White, E McQuinn c/o 43. Ladies M Rothwell, J Adamson, K Sandford, A Ferguson, C Hardman, F Harrington, P Davis, Y Holmes, A Danckert, M Phyland, S Butcher, J Jeffrey, K Leetham, V Lange, J Armytage, M Radeski, F McCalman, J Jorgenson, J Choice, B Purtill, V Hutton, L O’Brien c/o 39. NTP: 2nd A Hall; 5th G Sluce, J Adamson; 9th G Davies, F McCalman; 11th G Corboy, V Hutton; 13th J Radeski, P Davis.


Men M Huntington and G King 49, r/u P Seccull and G Chick 47. Ladies K Druitt and J Barlow 50, r/u V Lang and K Leetham 40.

Ball comp: Men M Huntington, G King, A Eiffert, T Conley, P Seccull, G Chick, R Phillips, R Taylor, C Liefting, R Landy, A Wettenhall, S Tilders, B Barlow, L Campbell, P Hodgkinson, N Werner, S McLennan, M Crespan, P Joice, C Thomson, D Jones, G Johnstone. c/o 43. Ladies K Druitt, J Barlow, M Rothwell, J Adamson, J Armytage, M Radeski, K Simpson, D Hunter, C Hardman, F Harrington, K Leetham, V Lange, A Danckert, M Phyland, R Barnes, K Jennings, K Sandford, A Ferguson, P Taylor, P Larcombe, c/b 37. NTP: 2nd P Seccull, A Danckert; 5th B Bourke, J Armytage; 9th P Hodgkinson, A Ferguson; 11th M McCarthy, M Radeski; 13th J Sommerfeld, K Leetham.

Wednesday, March 13, men’s single stableford:

A grade B Barlow 40, r/u N Swainger 38; B grade C Liefting 38 c/b, r/u B Dixon 38; C grade L Hughes 38, r/u A McLean 36.

Ball comp: B Barlow, N Swainger, B Bourke, C Liefting, B Dixon, G Bessell, P Hodgkinson, N Werner, F Conallin, A McLean, G Huntington, P Joice, R Lawrence, N Purtill, G Willoughby, R Friend, D Wells, P McMillan, D Wade, L Hughes, D Grant, A Doherty c/o 34. NTP: 9th R Friend, A Doherty. Golden hole - B Barlow.