Taskers topple TA Maher

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Taskers Battlers took the honours over TA Maher in the Deniliquin Lawn Tennis Club’s afternoon grand final on Saturday.

Taskers went in to the decider clear favourites, finishing the rounds on top of the ladder with a 13 point lead over TA Maher, 106 - 93.

However, both teams had several regular players missing, and the addition of fill-ins made the outcome difficult to predict.

In the men’s doubles, Taskers dominated winning four of the five sets, but the tables were turned in the women’s sets, the results going to TA Maher four to one.

At the end of the men’s and women’s doubles Taskers had a slight lead, five sets to four, with the game scores even at 57 each.

The four mixed sets were evenly spread, with the teams winning two sets each.

With one set to play, the scores were Taskers seven sets 84 games to TA Maher six sets 80 games, giving both teams the opportunity to finish on top.

The final set saw the top two men from each team reprising their earlier match.

In their first encounter of the day, Taskers Tom Wettenhall and Anthony Michael had narrowly defeated Michael Williams and Harley Moore in a 9-7 tie break.

With nerves setting in at first none of the players was able to hold their serve.

At 4-all, Taskers needed only one more game to be assured of the title.

TA Maher edged ahead to 6-4, but Taskers soon caught up and the teams reached another tiebreak.

In the final wash, Wettenhall and Michael managed another win and Taskers were crowned champions, eight sets 92 games to six sets 87.

Three set winners on the day were Tom Wettenhall and Alan Wragge for Taskers, and Barb Lyne for TA Maher.

The weekly game average winners for the competition were Tom Wettenhall for the men, with an average of 22, and Annie Bulmer for the women at 23.

Annie Bulmer also took out the Most Consistent award.