Registrations still being taken

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

The second round of Deniliquin and District Soccer Club’s 2019 season was another success on Saturday.

The weather was great which promoted plenty of competition, excellent skills and there were some very close matches.

The club believes there will be happy parents and carers with the return of the coffee van next week.

Registrations are still being taken for anyone that is interested. Register your children or even yourself in the open grade.


A Grade: Mariners and Victory were very evenly matched with the result possibly going either way. However, Mariners were able to come out on top. The other game was not so close with United keeping Heart scoreless.

Mariners 3 defeated Victory 1. Best: Michaeli Broekman, Nathan Ho. Sportsman: Ben Baker, James Selleck.

United 5 def. Heart 0. Best: Jessica Dover, Masen Brain. Sportsman: George Fulton, Shaleah Cooper.

B Grade: Victory was short and had some fill-ins from C grade which was greatly appreciated. A close game saw lots of good teamwork and passing skill in the United v Mariners match.

Heart 8 def Roar 2. Best: Braith Gow, Thomas Ives. Sportsman: Cameron Donald, Luke Moorse.

United 2 def. Mariners 1. Best: William Frost, Sarah Duffey. Sportsman: Annabelle Hanns, Ella Broekman.

Glory 6 def. Victory 1. Best: Xander Strong, Sam Pereira. Sportsman: Lara Strong, Phoebe Crothers.

C Grade: Glory and Victory had a close game. However, three goals each to Bently Hardman and Jaxon Rothe from Glory gave Alana Jansen plenty of chances to show of her skills in keeper.

Victory 6 def Glory 3. Best: Harry Nolan, Alana Jansen. Sportsman: Jorja Woolston, Bently Hardman.

Mariners 2 def United 1. Best: Seth Stevens, Jack McGrillen. Sportsman: Jorja Jansen, Charli Brain.

Roar 6 def. Heart 4. Best: Oliver Ives, Lucas Thompson. Sportsman: Nevaeh Salan, Sienna Hull.

D Grade: Mariners and Roar had an even game with scoring starting in the first few seconds of play. Heart had a difficult game against Glory looking like they were going to be held scoreless but a late consolation goal to Tyler Hillier got them on the board. Good passing and teamwork by both teams. Victory and United had a back and forth game with George Marshall and Isaac Broekman making numerous runs past the defence.

United 4 def. Victory 2. Best: Isaac Broekman, George Marshall. Sportsman: Harvey Campbell, Nick Nolan.

Glory 6 def. Heart 1. Best: Angus Knuckey, Zayn Ledwidge. Sportsman: Lenny Hanns, Cormick Hardman.

Mariners 6 def. Roar 3. Best: Carter Sartore, Braxton Leetham. Sportsmanship: Isaac Tubb, Spencer Hayes.

Open: It has become increasingly difficult to separate the teams in Open with all teams getting competition points this week. The play seemed to be in favour of the team going against the wind this week, which is the opposite of what usually happens. Great to see a large turn out for all the games.

Mariners 2 def. United 0. Best: Allana Moorse, Chris Brown. Sportsman: Nicole Jansen, Brylie Salan.

Heart 4 def. Mariners 0. Best Shannon: King, Thomas Duffey. Sportsman: Bayden Thompson, Jeremy Busby.

United 3 def. Heart 1. Best: Liam Romanin, Shibu Joeseph. Sportsman: Michelle Archinal, Henry Osborne.

Round three draw:

9.30am - A grade — Mariners vs Heart; B grade — Roar vs United (field 1), Glory vs Mariners (field 2), Heart vs Victory (field 3); D grade — United vs Heart (field 5), Mariners vs Victory (field 6), Roar vs Glory (field 7). 10.30am - A grade — Victory vs United; C grade — Roar vs United (field 1), Glory vs Mariners (field 2), Heart vs Victory (field 3); Joeys and Kangas. 11.30am - Open — Heart vs United; 12pm - Open — Mariners vs United; 12.30pm - Open — Heart vs Mariners.

A grade umpire: Richard McDaid; B grade and C grade umpires: Jeremy Busby, Bailey Hart and Kyle Mula; D grade umpires: Matt Crothers, Peter Thompson and Matt Tubb; Open grade umpires: volunteers from other teams.

Canteen: Hayley Pattison, Annie Romanin and Sarah Purtill.