Corowa market report

By Corowa Free Press

It was a mixed quality winter yarding with numbers lifting by over 3,000 sheep and lambs. 

Agents penned some booming pens of supplementary fed lambs weighing excess of 26kg with freshly shorn trade weight lambs limited and highly sort after by domestic processors.

All regular buyers were present and eager to participate with stronger prices across large portion of the market.

Another small offering of light lambs was available with processors all on the rail dominating the market paying from $130 to $175/head.

Merino lambs softened a little this week with export types selling from $193 to $249 and heavy trade weights made from $180 to $208/head.

Trade lambs remained firm with light and medium trade selling from $180 to $218 and heavy trade, 22 to 24kg, made from $206 to $226/head averaging 938c/kg cwt. 

Heavy lambs going to domestic and export processors were firm selling from $218 to $232/head, making from 827c to 900c/kg cwt. Export lambs weighing 26 to 30kg lifted, selling to dearer trends making from $225 to $249 and the additional

pens of over 30kg lambs sold from $248 to $278/head.

Mutton was limited again, however, the quality was excellent with prices staying firm across the sale all averaging around 700c/kg cwt. 

Heavy cross bred ewes sold from $228 to $272 and heavy merinos reached up to $228/head. Trade sheep sold from $136 to $167/head.