Campaspe Carp Catch boasts fantastic prizes

By McIvor Times

THE FIFTH annual Campaspe Carp Catch is fast approaching, so Heathcote residents are encouraged to dust off their rods and register to win some fantastic prizes.

The free competition will run from Noon to 3pm on October 20, with five registration, judging and barbecue sites along the Campaspe River.

North Central Catchment Management Authority project manager Angela Gladman said the event is a fun way to contain the introduced carp species’ ever-growing population.

“Carp are the rabbits of our rivers. They are a major component of the Murray-Darling Basin’s fish population and they cause significant damage to rivers, wetlands and the natural environment,” she said.

“The Campaspe River is a significant environmental asset to Victoria and is home to a number of threatened and vulnerable native fish. Every carp pulled out of the river on the day will help.”

“Register at one of our five hubs at noon, grab some lunch and put a line in. Judging will take place back at the registration spots at 3pm.”

The event is part of the North Central CMA’s Caring for the Campaspe and Waterwatch projects, funded through the Victorian Government’s $222 million initiative to improve the health of waterways and catchments.

It is also funded through a grant from the Victorian Fisheries Authority and the Victorian Government’s Regional Riparian Action Plan.

Heathcote residents can register at Axedale River Reserve off William St.