Letter to Ed: How does your fire plan stack up?

By Vanessa Wiltshire

WOW what a day Thursday was. The power was out, trees down and emergency warnings up the road to the north, west and south west of us.

How are you feeling?

For the people who live in our Brigade area — and even further afield — we want you to do two things for us:

1) Take your right hand. Now reach across your chest and over your left shoulder and now pat yourself on the back. Congratulations to you and a big thanks from us. Not one alarm, false alarm or fire in our brigade area. Congratulate yourself and your family. We love how careful you all were.

2). Now the really important one. Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine or beer and sit back and take a few minutes to reflect on last week's weather. That wind was horrendous and a bit scary.

Think about that wind, and then think about your fire plan.

If a fire started down your street in that wind, how would your plan stack up? Would it work? Would you have been able to step outside and operate in that heat and wind?

Would your plan have held up with no power?

If you have kids or pets, then what would they be doing?

Really think about it.

Experiences like today can help you decide on your leave or stay decision. It helps you think about how you and your family would cope.

Once you've thought about it jot down any questions or doubts you have.

You can research answers to those questions by:

¦ Checking out

¦ Asking your local Fire Brigade (message through Facebook or call direct).

Dropping in to the station (we are there on Sundays) and ask away.

Now is the perfect time to think about your plan and make adjustments. Do it while the experience of Thursday is fresh in your mind.

Fifteen minutes of thinking time now will strengthen your plan.

Thanks again to our community for your support.

Andrew Gallagher
Community Safety Officer and Firefighter
Mosquito Creek Fire Brigade.