Adani activists use glue, paint in protest

By AAP Newswire

Protesters opposed to mining giant Adani have glued themselves to the headquarters of a Melbourne railway company.

About 20 people rallied at Siemens Mobility on Tuesday, demanding it refuse to build Adani's Carmichael Rail Project in Queensland.

Police attended as the protesters spray painted slogans on the Port Melbourne business' windows.

Daniel Bleakley of the activist group Galilee Blockade, who organised the protest, said the situation between police and protesters was "very respectful."

Mr Bleakley was himself glued to the building and said it was important to stand up to big businesses.

"We have to fight these companies who are continuing to do the wrong thing," he told 3AW.

Mr Bleakley said nobody from Siemens had spoken with protesters.

He added a meeting had been arranged between Galilee Blockade and Siemens, but claimed the company cancelled the discussions.

A Siemens representative said discussions via phone had been agreed to, but after Galilee Blockade "illegally trespassed" and published personal information about some of its employees, the company no longer wanted to engage with the group.

The spokesperson said what dialogue had taken place between the two parties was "not a discussion, just a series of demands".

The activist group claims Siemens is preparing to sign a $31 million signalling contract with the mining giant by Friday.