Cruising in Cressy

By Olivia Duffey

Cruising Cressy is the newest way to meet up with like-minded people for an enjoyable afternoon part-way through your week.

Organiser Steve Beckwith said it is not a formal club, just a casual weekly meet for lovers of all vehicles and old things.

‘‘Cruising Cressy is something I started a couple of years ago. We used to have it in Cressy St at Cafe 285 when Jo, a friend of ours, owned it,’’ he said.

‘‘We went into recess for about a year but when Red Rose Diner was re-opened by the Thommers, we approached them about restarting the meet.

‘‘They are car people as well and thought it was a wonderful idea.

‘‘I originally thought it could be something that we do once a month, but Jed and Gerry Thommers said they will stay open until 7pm every Wednesday.’’

Landon Daggett taking a closer look at this Porsche.

And you don’t have to have a car, bike, caravan, tractor or anything to be a part of it, just come along, improve your wellness and make new connections.

‘‘It gives people an opportunity to take their cars out, but it’s not a club or anything, just a casual evening during the week to catch up and meet new people,’’ Mr Beckwith said.

‘‘It is not just all cars either, we had half a dozen ladies last week just show up because they wanted to have a look at the display and they had a great time.

‘‘This is simply something for enjoyment and wellness.’’

Cruising Cressy organiser Steve Beckwith with his granddaughters Charlotte (left) and Isabella Haig.

Last Wednesday more than 30 came out for the occasion ‘‘coming and going’’ throughout the evening.

‘‘The diner’s old school theme fits quite well and people were certainly impressed with how it all looked and it gives them an opportunity to have a bit of food in a social setting and to reminisce,’’ Mr Beckwith said.

‘‘I am looking forward to seeing more of the community come together, especially meeting like-minded people to help in hard times. 

‘‘I think with depression and everything that is going on and what people face, sometimes it’s just a matter of getting out and having a chat which helps.

‘‘Nobody needs to be invited, you just show up and stay as long or as little as you want to, every Wednesday from 5pm.’’