Chopper aids in evasion arrest

By Zoe McMaugh

Police helicopters were utilised in the arrest of a man in Deniliquin on Friday, after he had evaded Victorian Police.

Cobram based Detective James Howarth alleges the 21 year-old had engaged police in a chase at Naring, in an effort to help his older brother escape.

Police were forced to abandon the chase due to his dangerous manner of driving, but a public tip-off alerted them he had made his way to Deniliquin.

‘‘A 28 year-old man was wanted in relation to the theft of a police car last Monday in the Katamatite-Naring area,’’ Det Howarth said.

‘‘We attended a rural property about 6.30am on Friday to make an arrest when a police pursuit began.

‘‘In another car, the man’s brother was driving dangerously and trying to intercept police.

‘‘Given his manner of driving we were forced to cancel that pursuit, but then New South Wales Police worked with us to make an arrest.’’

With the help of the helicopters, NSW Police were able to monitor the man’s car and direct police to his location.

He was eventually arrested at the north Deniliquin rest stop on Davidson St on Friday afternoon.

The 21 year-old was remanded in custody until an extradition order to Victoria could be enacted yesterday.

He was appearing in Wodonga Court as the Pastoral Times went to print.

Det Howarth confirmed the older brother was arrested following the original pursuit in Victoria.

He has been remanded in custody at Shepparton pending a court appearance in the new year.