Mathoura Dairy: virus ends finals dream

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

So near, but yet so far.

Mathoura Bowling Club had two teams heading for the grand finals last weekend.

However the dreams of the Division 2 and 3 players were snatched from them when the Coronavirus caused the premierships matches to be abandoned.

I reckon we should at least regard them as silver medallists for having made it that far, and extend  our congratulations.

At least they can say they made it to the grand final and were not beaten.

● ● ●

Wow. What a difference a week makes.

The world is no longer as we knew it. 

In just a short period of time the Coronavirus has turned it upside down.

However, if we all work together, obey the rules and look out for each other we will come out okay in the end.

The closures are forcing many of us to dust off our cook books and return to home cooked meals.

I’m just hoping my oven does not blow up from shock when I switch it on. 

● ● ●

It seems that district ladies will not have a chance to preview autumn and winter fashions this year.

This is because unfortunately the display of Blumes Fashions scheduled for May 27 has been cancelled.

Organisers apologise for the cancellation but it is out of their control.

They remain hopeful the virus will have passed by October when the spring and summer showings are due and they can have a great day out.

● ● ●

Full marks to the principal and staff of the Mathoura Public School.

Staff members have been busy preparing resource materials which will help them continue their studies if school does not reopen after the holidays, or if parents choose to keep children at home.

Well done to all involved, Mathoura is fortunate to have you.

● ● ●

How many times do you touch your face each day?

Most of us do it subconsciously, but it is not a wise thing to do according to the medical profession. 

This is important because virus containing droplets on your hands can be transferred to your eyes, mouth or nose where they can infect you.

So regularly wash your hands and keep them away from your face is the COVID-19 message 

● ● ●

Thank you to our local traders who are looking after us so well.

I have been told that butcher, Chris Roberts, turned down a large meat order from a Melbourne man over the phone in favour of keeping it so he can supply his local customers.

The local butcher shop is renowned for the quality and price of its meat and Chris has a great range of stock available to serve his local community.

The same can be said for the Mathoura General Store with Jo carrying a large range of stock to cater for us all if we have to go into ‘hibernation’.

Add to this the fact that she is now offering home delivery for purchases of $20 and over.

People can call the store on 5884 3175, place their orders and pay by card over the phone.

Thanks again for your efforts.

● ● ●

Easter will not be the same this year with the Mathoura Events Committee, organisers of the long-running Easter Fair, being forced to pull the pin on the 2020 festivities because of the virus.

However, I think we would all agree that missing one event, no matter how popular, would be better than attracting a crowd which could cause the virus to spread further.

● ● ●

I think we have all heard that Anzac Day commemorations have also been cancelled, but I did see a good idea put forward which aimed at ensuring the important day in our nation’s history did not go unrecognised.

The suggestion was that at 6am on April 25 we all stand at the end of our driveways and observe a minute’s silence.

This could also be done at 11am, and if at all possible, the Last Post could be played at the cenotaph in the Soldiers’ Memorial Gardens at both times (a recording would be okay).

Residents could also have the option of laying wreaths or flowers at the cenotaph at any time during the day.