Wing a tribute

By Olivia Duffey

The construction of a new wing at Navorina Nursing Home will be a tribute to Deniliquin’s first aged care facility and named Inala-Mirradong in its honour.

The Inala-Mirradong Housing Corporation donated $220,000 to fund the new memory care wing at Navorina for residents with dementia.

Inala-Mirradong, originally the Deniliquin Old Peoples Home, was incorporated in 1961. It provided housing for the elderly and operated on a volunteer basis.

The first set of buildings in Cressy St were called Inala and the next set of buildings in Poictiers St were called Mirradong, making Inala-Mirradong. 

However, a need for more intensive care was identified and the community established the Navorina Nursing Home in 1986 to accommodate this.

Inala-Mirradong gradually closed between 2002 and 2009, and the money accumulated and generated from it has been donated to several community based projects.

Navorina board member John Tushuizen said the latest generous donation will ensure aged care can continue in Deniliquin at a high standard.

‘‘Navorina was just an extension of Inala-Mirradong really, providing 24 hour care,’’ he said.

‘‘So it became the wish of the community and Inala-Mirradong that when they wound down, their proceeds would go to Navorina. 

‘‘They first donated $140,000 in February of 2002 and on Monday at our Navorina board meeting, Inala-Mirradong donated a further $220,000 which will help fund the next stage of upgrades; a new memory care wing.

‘‘So we decided to ensure the name Inala-Mirradong lives on and that is what the new wing will be called,” he said.

These works are included in stage four of a six stage facility upgrade at Navorina. The whole development represents a total investment of at least $6 million, with stage three under construction.

It includes a new kitchen, which will be relocated to another area of the facility, and a laundry. Stages four to six will continue the work to create single resident rooms, which was started with the Hunter Landale wing, built in 2018.

‘‘Construction of stages four to six will start in June or July and is expected to be finalised in May next year, just in time to celebrate 60 years of aged care in Deniliquin,’’ Mr Tushuizen said.

‘‘It will create eight new beds and high level care which will be incredibly beneficial to those residents who are presently located in part of the original building which is sometimes three beds to a room.

‘‘This new development will mean everyone has their own room with an ensuite, and will be state of the art. 

‘‘We will also construct a special isolation wing, to protect all residents and staff.’’

Inala-Mirradong Housing Corporation secretary/treasurer Pat Fogarty said it was an honour to donate money to Navorina. The generous donation has also enabled them to continue supporting aged care in Deniliquin.

 ‘‘It is important to see the original aims and goals of Inala-Mirradong continuing through Navorina,’’ she said.

‘‘This donation fulfils the wishes of people who had the foresight way back in the 70s and 80s to develop this project, and is something we were proud to continue with Navorina,’’ Mrs Fogarty said.

Navorina Nursing Home Chairman John Harvie said it is an incredibly kind and generous gesture by the Inala-Mirradong Housing Corporation.

‘‘It will enable Navorina to continue to grow and provide the highest standard of aged care services to the aged, frail and vulnerable members of our community,’’ he said.

‘‘On behalf of our residents and their families, our staff and the board at Navorina, I would like to publicly acknowledge this amazing contribution towards the present expansion project.’’

Inala-Mirradong Housing Corporation secretary/treasurer presenting a cheque for $220,000 to Navorina Nursing Home Chairman John Harvie,