Mathoura Diary: Golf Club to open season

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Mathoura Golf Club will be holding its long-awaited 2020 season opening on Sunday, albeit in a limited capacity.

With COVID-19 restrictions eased golf at the club is now able to return, with strict social distancing measures in place.

Hit-off will be between noon and 12.30pm so interested players should make sure they get there early.

Anyone wanting further information should phone club president John Hulm on 5884 3415 or 0410 132 826 or secretary Vic Hulands on 0427 843 351.

● ● ● 

School will be back for every student, every day, from Monday as the normality of full-time face-to face teaching and learning returns to Mathoura Public School.

Principal Janice Eddy has commended parents for the commitment to student education displayed during the past few weeks, which she described as the most difficult and unprecedented in the history of education.

She was proud that as a whole school community students, parents, carers and staff effectively worked together to ensure continuity of learning for the children at school.

Collaboration between school and home will continue to ensure the students’ return to full-time onsite learning will be smooth.

A range of measures to ensure the safety of students, staff and families will be in place. They include no assemblies, excursions or non-essential visitors, and additional cleaning. The Breakfast program and Hot Lunch Fridays will also be discontinued until further notice.  

● ● ● 

The loosening of Coronavirus restrictions regarding gatherings this week has enabled worshippers to attend church services for the first time in several weeks.

Members of St Bridget’s Catholic congregation were able to attend mass yesterday and catch up with popular parish priest, Fr Tink.

They were also able to check out work done lately to remove dangerous trees from the church yard and clean up the surrounds. There is not yet any word on when Sunday masses will again be celebrated.

● ● ● 

Don’t forget the new-look Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal which is currently underway.

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced the Salvos off the streets and into the digital era this year.

Instead of having friendly faces turning up at our doors looking for our support they have had to turn to the internet to seek our help.

They would appreciate our logging in to https//

We can either make a donation online or offer to contact friends and family and encourage them to donate.

Whatever we do we can be assured they will be grateful for our help in ensuring they can continue their valuable work throughout our area.

● ● ● 

Winter is almost upon us and with the winter chills already making themselves felt, now is the time locals will be heading out the bush to undertake firewood collection.

But wait, the bush and collection areas are already under water and its not even winter yet!

It beggars belief that those responsible for river/forest management have already released water and flooded the bush.

It’s not like we have not had good rains this year to provide the trees with the water they need. No wonder farmers can’t get the water they need to grow food for the nation!

● ● ● 

While community football has not yet received the green light to start the season, it is to be hoped the ‘‘OK’’ is not too far away.

Senior coach Darcy Robinson has said there is still a lot of uncertainty about what will be happening in the Picola League so Mathoura Football Netball Club will not be back up and running until all restrictions are lifted. I’m sure the local community is hopeful this will be sooner rather than later.

After all, what is winter without footy and netball?