Crispe Street concerns

By Olivia Duffey

Locals are concerned about the changes Edward River Council is making to Crispe St in order to beautify the entrance into Deniliquin.

Several have complained about the placement of new trees, maintenance of those trees and visibility.

Director of infrastructure Oliver McNulty said council has worked closely with both the community and concept designers to ensure the success of the project in the long term.

But people are still asking questions, with the biggest concern being that roots will damage the road and pathways.

‘‘Each of the trees has been placed in root guard boxes which will encourage root growth down and not up and across,’’ Mr McNulty said.

‘‘We also delayed planting to ensure the road had settled enough.

‘‘They are also positioned so that when they grow, they will not have a direct impact on driver visibility and access.

‘‘And they are far enough off the kerb so people can park between them and so the street sweeper can still access the gutter and kerb.’’

Drivers have claimed the trees are difficult to see at night, with just one reflector on the two large wooden stakes that are supporting each tree.

Mr McNulty confirmed they are installing more reflectors.

‘‘We have already put in a line of reflectors on the road between the trees and will add extra reflectors on the posts,’’ he said.

‘‘This will create a reflective line that indicates the line of the trees to help visibility at night.’’

Mayor Norm Brennan said council is always happy to work with the community to ensure the best outcomes.

‘‘We have taken in all of those considerations and complaints, making adjustments with the community’s best interests at heart,’’ he said.

‘‘Crispe St was very wide, so I am pleased to see it become a leafy, green and inviting environment for travellers and residents.’’