Col Curmudgeon’s view that tattoos aren’t artwork has a fan

By Rodney Woods

By Beryl Marshall, Lockington

Good on you Col of ‘Fair Dinkum with Col Curmudgeon’ on your ‘Tatts not art in my book’ (Country News, April 7).

I cringe every time I see people ‘branded’ with tattoos.

As a person who has had several melanomas or ‘would grow to be one’ spots removed, I worry about what could be under those tatts that could be detrimental to their lives.

I have not seen any articles by Cancer Council that tattoos are taboo, so I phoned and inquired and was informed that there no rules, it’s a person’s choice.

Also it is hoped that the tattooist would advise if there were spots which could be insidious (sorry, there I have my doubts).

Detection by doctors to identify moles under tattoos can be tricky.

I also was told that sunscreen does protect the skin, which helps, but would the tattoo bearer want to ‘slip on a shirt’ to cover up the artwork?

We were born with beautiful clean skins, why spoil it?

Think of the money which would be saved, it could be used for many reasons, and perhaps a donation to Cancer Council thanking them for the great work they do in the prevention and cure of cancer.

It is well known that Australia has one of the highest melanoma rates in the world, so please take heed.

Finally I quote, ‘prevention is better than cure’.