‘Really good’ crop dependent on September rains

By Rodney Woods

September may be an important month when it comes to football codes, but it is set to play a huge role in the outcome of hay, silage and grain crops this season.

WB Hunters field services manager Graeme Talarico said the growing season had been a positive one to date.

"In the Shepparton area and north-east zone, where I cover, it is looking quite good," he said.

"May to August has been really good. We've had a really good growing season.

"Grain and hay crops are all pushing towards reasonable levels.

"We still need September to be good to us." 

Even if September rains do not eventuate, Mr Talarico said farmers would have more success than last year.

"This growing season compared to last year has been a hell of a lot better.

"They (crops) won’t be a complete failure.

"There has been enough rain that crops will mount to something.

"The next six weeks will really determine if it goes from an average or reasonable crop to a really good one."

While rains will be welcomed for most of September, rain that arrives at the end of the month could be damaging.

"Silage is harvested in late September, hay in October and November for hay and grain after that," Mr Talarico said.

"You can have a good crop but if you get rain at the wrong times it can damage the quality but at this stage things are going along nicely."