Katamatite memories

By Jamieson Salter

Katamatite is in the Murray Valley irrigation area, 42 km north-east of Shepparton.

Katamatite farmers mostly grew wheat and animal fodder, and bagged wheat was transported from the Katamatite Railway Station until a silo was built in 1943.

Integral for farming, many Clydesdale pedigree stallions were purchased, and an annual horse parade would give farmers an opportunity to inspect them.

In 1939, irrigation waters from the Yarrawonga main canal were distributed in the Katamatite district, allowing for dairy pastures in place of wheat paddocks.

A 2011 census showed dairy farming accounted for 15.1 per cent of employment, with other farming at 14.6 per cent.

The Katamatite Historical Society is located at 50 Beek St, Katamatite and is open every first Sunday of the month, or via appointment by phoning Katamatite Historical Society secretary Julie Ballard on 0422 415 294.