Government must fund aged-care

By Shepparton News

This month marks the Victorian Seniors Festival - a time to celebrate the valuable contributions made by Victorians aged 60 and above.

But behind the celebrations there's a feeling that somehow in this set of terrible circumstances, the elderly are being forgotten.

Last week it was announced a Murchison nursing home had no option but to be placed into administration.

And without the Federal Government increasing funding for care, it seems almost certain more small providers will crumble under the same weight.

Last week the peak medical body announced it would not wait until November 2020 for the Aged Care Royal Commission findings.

And with 67 per cent of regional aged care facilities declaring financial losses last year, it's no wonder the body has taken that stance.

The elderly deserve better than this.

Evelyn Davis, who featured in the News, told us she didn't want much fuss for her 100th birthday, but fuss is exactly what she deserves.

Then there's Jack Thewlis who has spent half his life volunteering.

In the lead up to Remembrance Day, the 84-year-old Shepparton RSL member will be outside shops, supermarkets and local businesses.

For the past 43 years he's been there with his tray of poppies and badges and is showing no signs of slowing down.

He has spent half of his lifetime giving, and will probably keep giving for as long as he can.

The question is what will we give him?

The government must prioritise this crisis because the truth is the industry is in dire trouble.

It's at risk of collapsing and the time for the government to act is now.

It must increase aged-care funding before the trend that is being set is irreversible.