Rams secure top four finish

By Jamie Lowe

The Deni Rams A grade side has secured a double chance in the Murray League finals with a 21 goal win over Nathalia on Saturday.

The Rams had a tough start against 10th placed Nathalia, with the visiting Purples playing well at the Hardinge St Oval courts.

The game proved to be fast and physical but the Rams were able to settle into their normal game by the second quarter to take out a convincing win at the final whistle. 

Eliza Eastman again demonstrated her dominance in the defensive circle with multiple turnovers which awarded her best on court.  

Leah Blake and Bec White combined well in the goal circle with great attacking feeds provided by Hayley Hall.

Final score, Deni Rams 53 to Nathalia 32.

Awards: Club Incentive - Eliza Eastman; Globe - Hayley Hall; Total Bliss - Leah Blake.

Deni's B grade came away with another win against Nathalia.

It wasn't the prettiest of games, but Deni were able to adjust to plenty of positional changes and different combinations.

It was lovely to have the whole team available this week.

Chelsea McNamara, Rachel Maher and Rachel Hare all had strong games.

Final score, Deni Rams 44 to Nathalia 19.

Awards: Club Incentive - Chelsea McNamara; IGA - Rachel Maher; Reflections - Rachel Hare.

This week saw the C grade Rams start a little flat.

Nathalia came out firing and it took us a moment to find our feet and play our game.

Absolute credit to each and every girl out there, they dug deep and came away with an excellent win.

Being down most of the game it took a lot of discipline and guts to fight back.

The Rams defenders worked tirelessly against well oiled Nathalia goalers, while the midcourt had great patience when passing into the ring where the goalers shot beautifully.

Final score, Deni Rams 53 to Nathalia 50.

Awards: Club Incentive - Steph Maher; Globe - Eloise Maher; IGA - Kayla Hussey.

Not having played the Purples this season the C reserve Rams were unsure of how the game would go.

A team effort with smart, controlled and strong netball saw Deni make the game there’s in the first quarter.

With clear drives and quick disposals the Rams were to good for Nathalia.

Taylor Wilkinson’s height and strength led the defensive end with Laura Circuitt being a great support.

Bella White, true to form, created space with speedy drives and accurate goals with Kaila Park reading the play beautifully. 

Final score, Deni Rams 52 to Nathalia 29.

Awards: Club Incentive - Taylor Wilkinson; Reflections - Laura Circuitt; Total Bliss - Bella White.

Deni's Under 17s had a strong four-quarters against Nathalia this week pulling away with a 13 goal win.

Emma McCallum worked tirelessly in defence achieving numerous intercepts and was very strong with rebounds.

Makhaya Mitsch read the play beautifully in GD cutting off numerous passes.

Keely Mitsch moved brilliantly in attack positioning herself for rebounds and barely missing goals. 

Final score, Deni Rams 47 to Nathalia 34.

Awards: Bennett's - Emma McCallum; Brontes - Makhaya Mitsch; Glow Beauty - Keely Mitsch.

The Rams U15s started well against a strong fourth placed Nathalia, going goal for goal in the first quarter.

Chloe Brown and Ellie Park combined beautifully in the goal ring shooting with high accuracy.

Chloe Way and Hannah Ford worked hard in defence and turned the ball over numerous times with Deni's attackers converting.

Jemma Smith had an excellent game in WD shutting down the WA all day.

Final score, Deni Rams 53 to Nathalia 31.

Awards: Glow Beauty - Chloe Brown; Canteen - Ellie Parks; Bennett's - Chloe Way and Jemma Smith.

The Rams U13s played with some different combinations against Nathalia showing their depth in a 31 goal win.

Emma Parks had a strong performance in centre, creating space and driving hard to the ball.

Her great defensive effort in the last quarter was phenomenal, reading the play, pulling in strong intercepts and taking advantage with a stop/steady approach.

Jarrah Fitzpatrick gave a strong defensive effort all game supporting new combinations and making good leads to bring the ball down into attack.

Olivia McCallum showcased superb shooting after many weeks out of the goal ring.

She worked hard all game and combined well with her shooting partners.Another great team effort, the girls should all be extremely proud of the netball they are playing.

Final Score, Deni Rams 39 to Nathalia 8.

Awards: Bennett's - Emma Parks; Brontes - Jarrah Fitzpatrick; McDonald's - Olivia McCallum.

The Rams U11s finished the last home game of the season with a comfortable 17 goal win over Nathalia.

Remy Henderson positioned herself well on the goal ring to support the shooters.

Abbey Doncon created great space in the goal circle, driving and moving well.

Hayley Whittakers and Shontai O’Callaghan applied excellent defensive pressure creating many intercepts and turn over of play.

Final score, Deni Rams 25 to Nathalia 8.

Awards: Bennett’s - Remy Henderson; Canteen - Abbey Doncon; Subway - Hayley Whittakers; McDonald's - Shontai O’Callaghan. 

The Rams Blue girls had a fun game against their parents this weekend after A grade.

All the girls were very determined to beat their parents and came away with a great win in the end.

Awards: Ava and Nick Robinson.