Division One thriller on Deni greens

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

It was an absolute thriller in round 13 of the Campaspe Valley Bowls Division at Deniliquin Bowling Club on Saturday.

Deni’s Division One side held on to score an overall victory by one shot against fourth placed Rich River.

The home side only managed a one rink win on the day, but still escaped with a 64 to 63 shot overall win.

The successful rink on the day was the team of Lindsay Franklin, David Hessell, Russell Douglas and Jamie Shields (s), who scored a four shot win.

Final score, Deni 26 to Rich River 22.

Tony Scoullar, Rob Morris, John Flisher and Simon Chisholm (s) were in an arm wrestle all day, with Rich River just pulling ahead in a low-scoring clash to win by two.

Final score, Rich River 18 to Deni 16.

Deni’s William Young, Shane Laing, Peter Chadderton and Stefan Truelsen (s) were also in a tight battle, with only one shot splitting the two sides after 25 ends.

Final score, Rich River 23 to Deni 22.

The win keeps Deni’s slim finals hopes alive, with results needing to go their way this weekend if they are any chance of qualifying.

Division Two have held on to fourth spot on the ladder with a crucial five shot win on the road against Rich River, 78 to 73.

Mark Tasker, Keith Plattfuss Lee Hillier and Steve O’Brien were the big winners on the day, finishing eight shots ahead of their opposition.

Final score, Deni 25 to Rich River 17.

Jill Grimshaw in action for Division Three on Saturday.

Linda Harris also led her rink of Winnie Pattinson, Steve King and Larry Seeley to victory, recording a six shot win.

Final score, Deni 30 to Rich River 24.

Toni Brooksby, Lloyd Ritchie, Stuart Treble and Bryan Kemnitz (s) struggled against their opponents, finding themselves nine shots behind after the final bowl.

Final score, Rich River 32 to Deni 23.

Deni’s Division Three also remains in the hunt for finals following a four shot win against third placed Rich River, 77 to 73.

Jill Grimshaw, Ray Anderson, John Croker and Tom Todd (s) scored a thrilling two shot win on their home greens.

Final score, Deni 25 to Rich River 23.

Maxine Norton, Tony King, Lee Pattinson and Tony Danckert were also victorious for Deni, finishing the day with a five shot win.

Final score, Deni 26 to Rich River 21.

Raymond Hay, Col Knuckey, John Neander and Glenn Thomson were also in a close contest, but unfortunately went down by three shots.

Final score, Rich River 29 to Deni 26.

Division Five are one step closer to securing top spot following a four shot overall win against Rich River, 46 to 42.

Noel Murray, Ian Chessels, Jeff Rose and Alan Hardcastle (s) were the heroes for Deni on the day, claiming a six shot win.

Final score, Deni 28 to Rich River 22.

Sheena Wubbels, Andrew Knuckey, Tony Smith and Mike Donohue (s) did just enough to help Deni to an overall victory, going down by only two shots.

Final score, Rich River 20 to Deni 18.

Division Five lead Sheena Wubbels had a tight tussle with her opponent all day.