Murray score first win

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Murray Constructions scored their first win of the Deniliquin Junior Lawn Tennis Club competition on Saturday.

It was a close battle between Murray and Kiss My Ace, with the former just getting the edge in a five set to three set win.

Despite winning on sets, Murray Constructions were actually beaten in games won, with KMA scoring 28 game wins to Murray’s 25.

Both sides managed to win two sets each in the doubles, but it was Murray that stood tall in the singles games, winning three sets to one.

The day saw one three set winner from each team with Baxter Cowley (KMA) and William McKern (Murray Constructions) both unbeaten on the day.

Baxter Cowley finished as a three-set winner for Kiss My Ace.

Landmark Property & Water have quickly asserted themselves as the team to beat with yet another dominant win.

Marshall Electrical, coming off the back of their own dominant win in week one, were unable to match it with Murray, who won seven sets 36 games to one set 24 games.

Landmark claimed victory in three of the four doubles games, before winning all four singles battles.

The two three set winners on the day both came from Landmark with Max Ferguson and Dexter Hardman both impressing with unbeaten performances.