Peppin pull through

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Peppin Planners had an impressive win against Agspares in perfect autumn weather at the Twilight Tennis competition on Wednesday night.

In the sixth round of the competition, Peppin defeated Agspares 16 sets to 11 despite going down in the games count 137 to 120.

The Agspares men were able to make the night interesting early, splitting their sets with Peppin five all.

A dominant performance from Peppin’s ladies saw momentum swing in their favour, taking out four of the six sets on offer to hand their side a nine set to seven overall lead.

It came down to the mixed and spin, where Peppin pulled away to win seven sets to four to record the overall win.

Three set winners on the night were Andrew Ritchie, Wendy Liefting and Heidi Plant from Peppin along with Bill Dudley for Agspares.

Mitre 10’s ladies and mixed/spin doubles proved a difference maker in its return to the winner’s list taking out a 16 to 11 set win (129 games to 121) against Legal Eagles.

It was a tight battle in the men’s doubles with the teams level at five sets apiece.

The strong display of doubles by Mitre 10’s ladies stretched the lead out to nine sets to seven heading into mixed and spin.

Mitre 10 appeared to save their best for last however, cruising to a comfortable victory by taking out seven of the 11 sets on offer in the mixed and spin.

Mitre 10’s win was reflected in the list of three set winners with Ric Bond, Aiden Dellar and Mary James unbeaten on the day.

Legal had two three set winners, with Mark Ritchie and Anthony Michael both standing tall.

Agspares will face off against Eagles and Peppin will take on Mitre 10 in tomorrow night’s round seven match up.