TA Maher dominate to claim top spot

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deniliquin Lawn Tennis Club saw a dominant performance from TA Maher at its summer/autumn competition on Saturday.

The day saw Taskers Battlers defeated by TA Maher seven sets 57 games to one set 30 games.

The three set winners for the match were top two ranked players Andrew Ritchie and Alan Wragge from TA Maher.

In the other clash Elders defeated Minding Minds, five sets 50 games to three sets 38 games.

Elders got off to a firing start winning the first four sets.

Despite a comeback effort from Minding Minds with the next three sets, Elders held on with a convincing last set win. 

Rob Brown of Elders was the lone three set winner.

The remainder of the season has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The final leaderboard saw TA Maher sitting comfortably on top on 39 points, followed by Taskers on 31, just one point ahead of Elders and Minding Minds claimed the wooden spoon on 20.

Steve Lowry reaches low to nail a backhand for Taskers Battlers.