Mitsch triumphs

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Chris Mitsch scored 36 points to win the A grade stableford event on Saturday, by a shot from runner-up Peter Joice.

B grade winner was Jarryd Pearce with 39 from Mark Thomas 38, C grade Jordan Treble 35 from Kevin Reeves 34, and in D grade Jayne Barlow had 38 from Des Ramsey 37.

On Sunday there was mixed foursomes, with the scratch event won by Jimmy Poka jnr and Vicki Hutton with 78. Handicap winners were Nick Metcalfe and Ali Ferguson with net 74, from Mick Barnett and Mandy Phyland net 74.5.

Last Thursday the ladies had their 27 hole foursomes championships. Scratch winners were Vicki Brunker and Kerran Leetham with 122. Handicap winners were Margie Radeski and Pauline Davis 109.45 from Gayle Beckton and Ali Ferguson 110.25.

Wednesday’s stableford event was won in A grade by Leigh Chappell with 38 from Chris Mitsch 35, in B grade Phil Hodgkinson had 38 to beat Tom Maw 37, and in C grade Lee Pattinson had a day out with 43 points to defeat Ashley Ellerman, who could consider himself unlucky to only take the runners-up prize despite having 40 points.

Members are advised that the ongoing COVID-19 issues in Victoria have led to some changes at the club, as agreed by the board this week. To protect club members and the local community, no-one from Victoria is permitted on the golf course or in the clubhouse until further notice. This situation is under constant review as the Coronavirus situation changes.

Also, don’t forget the raffles and meals which are back every Friday night. The club has had a challenging time financially in recent months due to the Coronavirus, so the support of Friday night activities by members would be appreciated. 

Excellent meals are available at reasonable prices. Raffle tickets are on sale from 6pm with draws taking place from 7.30.

Last week’s results:

Thursday June 25, ladies foursomes championships 27 holes:

Scratch V Brunker and K Leetham 122; Handicap M Radeski and P Davis 109.45, r/u  G Beckton and A Ferguson 110.25. Ball comp: K Leetham, V Brunker, R Lawrence, C Maher, A Danckert, A Phyland, M Rothwell, J Swainger, J Armytage, K Simpson, L Liebenberg, J Barlow, J Jeffrey, J Hood, A Bull, S Simpson, E Bolton, Y Holmes.

Saturday June 27, single stableford:

A grade C Mitsch 36, r/u P Joice 35; B grade J Pearce 39, r/u M Thomas 38; C grade J Treble 35, r/u K Reeves 34; D grade J Barlow 38, r/u D Ramsey 37. Ball comp: K Leetham, I Campbell, T Bult, V Hutton, L O’Brien, G Bessell, S Tritton, A McKinnon, R Cowcher, F McCalman, D Alexander, D McQuie, S Atley, K Dunmore, G Corboy, J Radeski, P Seely, D Hunter, M Radeski, K Collins, G Willoughby, J Rhook, M Barnett, J Begg, Warren Bull, G Rothwell, W Pitts, D Nalder, R Turner, M Phyland, N Purtill, B Landy, c/o 32. NTP: 5th M Barnett, G Bessell; 9th S Tilders, J Rhook; 11th M Barnett, W Bull; 13th C Mitsch. Golden hole M Barnett.

Sunday June 28, mixed foursomes:

Scratch J Poka jnr and V Hutton 78; handicap N Metcalfe and A Ferguson 74, r/u M Barnett and M Phyland 74.5. Ball comp: V Brunker, A Brunker, F McCalman, J Dedman, L Chappell, D Hunter, G Willoughby, P Davis, G Rothwell, M Rothwell, P Lloyd, T Howe.

Tuesday June 30, ladies 12 holes 3BBB stableford:

Winners E Bolton, B Leetham and K Zanatta 33. Ball comp: D Wharton, Y Holmes, K Campbell; P Davis, S Jefferies, K Cathcart, c/o 31. NTP: 5th Y Holmes, 9th P Davis, K Bodey; 11th P Davis.

Wednesday July 1, single stableford:

A grade L Chappell 38, r/u C Mitsch 35; B grade P Hodgkinson 38, r/u T Maw 37; C grade L Pattinson 43, r/u A Ellerman 40. Ball comp: J Metcalfe, T Kew, I Campbell, G Bracken, J Begg, N Swainger, D Maraldo, P Robinson, D Grant, Warren Bull, T Grant, C Liefting, P Oddy, B Dixon, R Friend, C Thomson, J Radeski. NTP: C Thomson, B Landy. Golden hole J Radeski.