‘Billy’ claims victory

By Jamie Lowe

A countback was needed to declare a winner in Deniliquin Golf Club’s par round on Saturday, which also featured round two of the Bruce Laing Cup.

Brian ‘Billy’ Bourke claimed the A grade victory from Graeme ‘Wrecker’ Willoughby, with both golfers finishing +1.

B grade was won by George Willis with +5, ahead of Thomas Bult (+4); Mark Ritchie survived a countback from Wayne Pitts in C grade, both scoring +4; and in D grade it was a comprehensive win for Kym Sandford on +6, with her closest rival being Annette Danckert on +3.

Last Thursday the ladies played a 6x6x6 and the winning combination was Vicki Brunker, Rae Lawrence and Ann Bull with 79.

Wednesday’s A grade stableford event winner was John Penna with 39 points, Ian Fuller was close behind on 38. In B grade Phil Hodgkinson had 43 points to win from Cory Liefting on 41 and Dylan Monks dominated C grade with 44 points to defeat Graham Huntington on 37.

This weekend will see the launch of the much anticipated Premier League season at tomorrow’s stroke event.

Hopefully the course will be full of team spirit for the opening round. Good luck to all teams involved.

Last week’s results:

Thursday, July 23, ladies 6x6x6:

V Brunker, R Lawrence, A Bull 79; r/u A Ferguson, J Swainger, K Druitt 75.

Ball comp: P Lloyd, S Simpson, L O’Brien, E Bolton, M Marshall, C Maher, P Grant, K Sandford, J Hood, Y Holmes, P Davis, S Aitken c/o 70.

NTP: J Swainger, M Phyland. Golden hole V Brunker.

Saturday, July 25, par:

A grade B Bourke +1 c/b, r/u G Willoughby +1; B grade G Willis +5, r/u T Bult +4; C grade M Ritchie +4 c/b, r/u W Pitts +4; D grade K Sandford +6, r/u A Danckert +3.

Ball comp: A Gorsuch, M Rothwell, S Tritton, D Hunter, K Dalton, G Corboy, B Jennings, L O’Brien, J Radeski, M Barnett, L Chappell, I Fuller, T Howe, M Radeski, A Bull, F McCalman, T Thwaites, S Tilders, J Wacheke, J Grant, D Nalder, H Bourne, R Wettenhall, D Monks, P Oddy, B Barlow, M Thomas, V Hutton, P Seely, N Metcalfe, T Kew, D Wade, S Atley, N Boswell, C Hardman, D Grant, J Hood.

NTP: 2nd M Thomas, A Danckert; 5th S Tilders, A Gorsuch; 9th A Danckert, D Irwin; 11th A Jenkin, A Gorsuch; 13th T Bult, R Parks. Golden hole S Tilders.

Tuesday, July 28, ladies 12 hole three-person ambrose:

P Davis, C Hardman, T Begg 32sfr2/6

Ball comp: A Bull, P Jarratt, T Chandler; D Wharton, P Grant, V Robertson; P Aitken, S Pisasale, L Henderson; V Barnes, G Beckton, B Daniels; c/o 35sfr3/4

Longest drive: P Davis, P Aitken, E Bolton.

Wednesday, July 29, men’s stableford:

A grade J Penna 39, r/u I Fuller 38; B grade P Hodgkinson 43, r/u C Liefting 41; C grade D Monks 44, r/u G Huntington 37.

Ball comp: J Irwin, D Nalder, D Wade, G Bessell, L Chappell, T Bult, W Hodgson, D Wells, T Howe, B Barlow, F Conallin, J Radeski, R Armytage, D Grant, J Hetherington, A Ellerman, D Bull, N Purtill, J Begg, M Lynch, L Hughes.

NTP: 5th D Wells; 9th M Lyne, J Begg. Golden hole D Wells.