Celebrating a lifetime of love

By Laura Briggs

Tatura’s Joe and Annetta Basile have celebrated a mighty milestone after 60 years of marriage.

Having both moved from Italy to Tatura in the early 1950s to build a better life for themselves, the young couple met at a mutual friend’s wedding.

Mr Basile, 23 at the time, was driving the car for the groomsmen on the day while Mrs Basile, 18, was a bridesmaid.

The pair met and wasted no time, exchanging vows at the Sacred Heart Church in Tatura on June 6, 1959 — about 12 months from the day they first laid eyes on one another.

The following year the young lovers purchased a farm in Dhurringile where they worked hard to earn a living through farming cows and pigs and growing tomatoes — all while raising three children.

The Basiles continued farming for 30 years before they returned to Tatura where they built the place they still call home today.

Having endured many hardships throughout the decades, including the loss of their son, Mrs Basile said times had been tough, but the couple’s love for each other did not waver.

‘‘We had our ups and downs — every family has them — but our love stayed the same.’’

Mr Basile said their Catholic faith also played a part in keeping the couple strong through the difficult times.

‘‘We’ve had a bit of bad luck over the years but there’s still a God up there that looks after us,’’ he said.

With 60 years now under their belt Mrs Basile said their marriage was not something they took lightly and they were thrilled to have reached 60 years together.

She said patience and persistence was the key.

‘‘I would say to any young couple just starting out in marriage to treat each other as equal and do not walk out because of an argument — just stick together, do your best to get along and you’ll sort it out.’’

Mrs Basile said while life had been a crazy ride for them, she was blessed by the bond they shared and the close-knit community in they were delighted to be part of.