Meet Tatura’s little heroes helping their elderly neighbours

By James Bennett

The gift of giving a helping hand might be defined by Tatura girls Alannah Mutimer and Rydah Armitage.

During the past week, the six-year-olds — plus assistant and Alannah's younger brother Hudson — have been trekking the streets of north Tatura delivering toilet rolls to the elderly and disabled.

The girls said they wanted to be helpful during the coronavirus crisis.

“We're doing it in case they don't have toilet rolls,” Rydah said.

“They're going to the shops and can't find any toilet rolls because they're all sold out.”

The girls said they delivered to about 30 homes on Wednesday evening.

“The people are really nice when we go around,” Alannah said.

“Some are giving us toilet rolls for us to hand out to other people so we have even more toilet rolls; one thought it was like trick or treat.

“All Hudson does is ring the doorbell and say hello!”