Jayco’s biggest muster

By Robert Muir

It was the third annual muster of Jayco Conquests and Jayco Optimum Motorhomes in Yarrawonga from March 12 to 17, their biggest to date and they loved our location.

“Our first in 2018 was at Nundle NSW with 65 motorhomes, last year in Kenilworth, Queensland there 100 motorhomes and for 2020, we have 115 motorhomes, 220 people, 59 dogs and four cats,” group administrator and event co-ordinator Balan Pillay told the Yarrawonga Chronicle.

“A large percentage present are greynomaders. Ninety-five are an even-spread from the eastern states of Queensland, NSW and Victoria, 12 from SA, one from WA and three from Tasmania.”

Yarrawonga Mulwala was described by Balan as “an absolutely fantastic place”. Strong deciding factors for our venue were Yarrawonga Holiday Park infrastructure, quality of camp grounds and a strong community with tourism, bakeries, local suppliers and local attractions – including lake cruises, wineries and brewery.

“The biggest factor was the weather at this time of the year and it was spot on, as predicted,” the 68-year-old event co-ordinator from Queensland said.

He said that many Jayco members come a week before the official muster dates and many stay on for several days afterwards. “We estimate that on an average 10-day stay, $120,000 to $150,000 is injected into the local economy with our visit,” Balan said.

“We particularly support sponsors such as Richies IGA, BWS, Bunnings and the Yarrawonga Holiday Park have been so kind towards us. They’ve met all our needs and more – they’ve been absolutely 200 per cent supportive.

“Shaun and Michelle have made everyone so welcome. And the tourism people were so helpful when we approached them last October.”

House pets are a significant part of the Jayco muster, with an annual event involving dogs, which was last Monday for the men’s best friends.

The park managers of seven years at Yarrawonga very much enjoyed the Jayco members and their much loved dogs and cats, and of course, the mobile homes of members.

“It was great for the town and for the park,” Shaun said.