Croquet results

March 10, 2018

Twelve players took advantage of the lovely morning to play croquet on Sunday.

Two players won their three games. Allan Tonta won the day with 26 hoops, followed closely by Bevis Pearn with 25.

Three players won two games with a good score. Peter Whittakers had 23, Judy Barry 21 and Gwen Pearn 20 hoops.

Bevis Pearn was the only player to have any successful jump shots for the day.

He had four tremendous jumps in one game and followed that up with another one in the last game.

Marg Telford and Judy Barry each ran a handy hoop-in-one.

On Wednesday, 19 players rolled up for croquet.

Three players won their three games. John James won the day with an outstanding score of 30, Andy Davis had 25 and Theo Walle managed 22 hoops. Brad Fawns was the only two game winner with 20 or more.

Mary James, back after a long break, and Andy Davis had one jump shot while Brad Fawns had two successful jumps. Helen Moye was the only player to run a hoop-in-one.

The courts are looking beautiful and now that the lights have been installed, players are looking forward to an occasional game of croquet under the lights.

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