With new members, brigade is on fire

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Two new recruits have brought the number of firefighters protecting Deniliquin through Fire and Rescue NSW to 20.

Bec White and Dylan Osborne recently joined the ranks and have been busy learning what their new role means.

Neither had any firefighting experience when signing up to do their bit for the community, but say they’re glad they took a chance at getting involved.

Miss White, who is 25 and says she’s proudly ‘‘Deni born and bred’’, said helping the community was her main reason for joining.

She said she is eager to learn as much as she can.

‘‘It’s a good atmosphere (in the brigade) and you actually get to help the community too,’’ she said.

‘‘I have learnt things (about firefighting) that I was previously oblivious to.’’

Mr Osborne, aged 23, grew up in South Africa and moved to Deniliquin eight years ago.

He said he chose to join following support from friends who are already firefighters.

‘‘The brigade has really taken us under their wing,’’ he said.

‘‘If you ask about something they don’t hang back to explain, they will pull the whole truck out to show you.’’

Brigade Captain Martin Smith said recruitment to the brigade is an important step to better protecting the community, and welcomed interest from anyone else wishing to get involved.

He said the brigade is only as strong as its volunteers, and the local businesses who support their employees in their role as a firefighter.

‘‘Our members come from diverse employment throughout the town, making it a huge commitment for employers to allow us to attend fires throughout work hours and to rest before returning to normal work duties,’’ Capt Smith said.

‘‘It is also a huge commitment for employees to be firefighters for the community.

‘‘If anyone would like to become a retained firefighter, I would encourage them to look at the Fire and Rescue website — — under recruitment and volunteering.’’