Limited yarding at Tuesday’s sales

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

A limited yarding made up of just a few pens of good supplementary fed lambs was offered at Deniliquin on Tuesday, before quality declined into very mixed and small pen lots.

Only 1906 were penned, 906 of which were lambs.

The regular buyers attended and matched their bidding to what was on offer, with sales in line with recent prices.

Heavy lambs were cheaper than a fortnight ago, with better carcase prices paid for better quality trade weight types.

The few pens of heavy shorn lambs sold from $170 to $189/head to average close to 600c/kg carcase weight.

Some medium domestic lambs with reasonable finish made from $144 to $147/head.

Light weight lambs posted softer results, with some very plain pens lowering overall results.

Numbers were also limited in the sheep run, although a couple of buyers kept a solid floor in the market for the better drafts of Merino ewes.

Heavier ewes received from $110 to $126 and the better trade weight Merinos sold from $82 to $114/head, to trend from an estimated 380c to 420c/kg carcase weight.

Some of the lighter weight categories did weaken, with very poor quality a factor in some low sales.

Top sales:

Lambs – Brian Moore, $186.60; P & DA Caruso, $174; I & C Irvin, $170.

Hoggetts – Mundiwa Pastoral, $124; East Tolans Pty Ltd, $111.60; Jan Spalding, $108.

Sheep – Rivena Nominees, $126.20; Heather Wills, $124; G & W Wade, $122.

Rams – Jay Fitzpatrick, $162.20.

~ Details provided by Meat and Livestock Australia and Elders Rural Services Deniliquin, on behalf of the Deniliquin Associated Agents.