Keeping you warm, cosy

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Heating your home or office this winter does not have to cost you a fortune.

Harvey Norman Deniliquin has a range of heaters that are both efficient and economical.

The friendly staff can help you work out which style of heater is best suited to your needs.

Patrick Carroll recommends customers come to the store equipped with measurements of the space they wish to heat to assist with the decision.

‘‘Some of the new panel heaters, for example, generally cost about 15 cents an hour to run if used in a 20 metre square room,’’ Mr Carroll said.

‘‘These types of heaters are designed specifically for those smaller rooms, like your bedroom.

‘‘The panel heaters are becoming quite popular, and a lot of them are now safe to the touch. They come in a range of styles and sizes, to meet different budgets.

‘‘We also have the traditional radiant heaters and small blower heaters which customers tell us help take the chill out of the air and go well in the bathroom.

‘‘Ideal for office spaces are the Dyson bladeless technology fan heaters.

‘‘Measurements, including ceiling height, can help narrow your options.’’

If you are looking to heat a larger area, or cool it in the summer, Jordan Stonham said a split system airconditioner might be the best option.

‘‘They vary in size but generally you’re looking at a 2.5 kilowatt for the bedroom or about five kilowatts for larger rooms or offices,’’ he said.

‘‘For loungerooms you’re looking at at least seven kilowatts, and at least eight for open plan areas like living and kitchen areas combined.

‘‘We would normally recommend one system to a room.’’

Efficiency ratings are provided with all split systems, and there are some great deals and cash back offers to take advantage of.

And Mr Carroll said if the cost of electricity is still a concern even with the most efficient heater, a power filter might be a good investment. He said the filters also help reduce the risks associated with a power surge during lightning storms.

Harvey Norman Deniliquin has a range of other products designed to help keep you comfortable and cosy this winter, including electric blankets and right down to kettles and coffee machines to warm you from the inside out.

Drop in to the store at the corner of Hardinge and Harfleur Sts, Deniliquin or call 58810700 for more information.