Firefighting in the spotlight

By Cognitives Editor

The Deniliquin NSW Fire & Rescue station siren sounded the start of four hours of educational fun in Deniliquin on Saturday morning.

Traditionally only blasting to mark 11am on Remembrance Day and, on occasion, to pay tribute to fallen firefighters, it was not the only siren heard throughout the brigade’s annual open day.

The skirl of fire engine sirens from all different eras rang out across Deniliquin for most of the morning, with children given the opportunity to live out a dream of operating a fire engine as part of the day.

They each took turns climbing into the trucks on display, taking charge of the steering wheel and loudly sounding the ‘bells and whistles’.

A few of the adults also lived out long-held dreams of being a firefighter and also took part in the fun.

Brigade Captain Marty Smith said the annual open day signifies the start of the winter fire season, which is when a larger percentage of house fires occur.

He said the open day not only gives people a chance to learn more about how firefighters will respond to emergencies, but also steps they can take to prevent a fire.

The open day is also aimed at promoting the role of a firefighter in the community, and hopefully assisting in the recruitment of firefighters for the local brigade.