More help is needed to keep improving

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

In the five years Pam Mulholland has been the Riverina Murray network support consultant with Meals on Wheels, she has seen the Deniliquin service go from strength to strength.

She said the improvements within the service have benefited the users of the service immensely.

‘‘The quality of the meals is second to none,’’ Ms Mulholland.

‘‘The Deniliquin branch has had some hard and troubling times but they are full steam ahead now.

‘‘It has a really good committee, and is an excellent team providing a strong service in Deniliquin.’’

Ms Mulholland said while the branch is successful, more volunteers are required to ensure the service can continue to run efficiently and meet all demands.

‘‘Meals on Wheels needs more community support, and particularly needs more younger volunteers involved.

‘‘We have an excellent team but it is beginning to dwindle as our hard working volunteers retire.

‘‘All Meals on Wheels services recently received an extra two years of government funding, so we can deliver until 2022 but we don’t know what the future holds after that.

‘‘I believe we will be around for at least another 20 years, particularly in rural areas, but that can only happen with the support of new members and communities.’’

For more information about the service, go to or phone Deniliquin Meals on Wheels co-ordinater Michelle Hand-Beehag on 58817310.