The right form

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Sheep and goat producers are reminded to use the most recent version of the National Vendor Declaration (NVD) when selling stock.

Older NVDs may not contain the information that buyers want in order to meet the requirements of the domestic or international market.

While filling in their NVD, livestock owners selling sheep or goats they did not breed can either:

●List all of the Property Identification Codes found on the NLIS tags, if they are different from the one printed on the NVD form. This will be only one PIC if all animals were born on the same property, or several if a mob is made up of stock that were born on several different properties; or

●Identify each animal with your NLIS pink post breeder tag. This tag will have the same PIC as the one printed on your NVD.

To obtain the most current version of the NVD waybill, contact Livestock Production Assurance on 1800683111, or go to