Game goes to plan

By Meg Saultry

It may have been completely one-sided, but Avenel’s 232-point annihilation of Longwood on Saturday was the perfect chance for the Swans to put everything they have been working towards this season into place.

‘‘It was the first game where we got out of the game everything we wanted,’’ Avenel coach Kasey Duncan said.

‘‘We applied different styles of play and executed well.’’

The match also gave several players a chance to adapt to a different position. Avenel midfielder Michael Morgan moved to half-back, while Angus Durnan lined up at full-forward and finished with four goals.

Also featuring in the Swans’ best was Garrett Davies and Jack Myers.

‘‘Garrett played on the wing and was able to find copious amounts of space,’’ Duncan said.

‘‘He has a good right foot and was able to hit up the forwards.

‘‘And Jack went in to the midfield. He has plenty of leg speed and run and carry.’’

The only hiccup on the day was when Nick Goodwin copped a knee injury late in the game, having earlier starred with seven goals. It is still unclear whether Goodwin will be able to return to the field next round.

With a tough match against sixth-placed Undera coming up on Saturday, the Swans will continue to fine tune certain parts of their game.

‘‘We just need to get our ‘Swans footy’ down pat,’’ Duncan said.

‘‘We’ll get some drills going at training, and work on our pressure and good foot skills.’’

And with Avenel currently sitting third in the competition midway through the season, Duncan is content with how his squad is travelling.

‘‘We would have taken 6-2 at the start of year,’’ Duncan said.

‘‘We’ll continue to take it week by week and see how it pans out.’’

●Avenel’s reserves continued their undefeated run this season with a 157-point demolition over Longwood.

Simon Van Duinen and Nathan Woods (five goals) were the best on the day, with the Swans on top of the table at the halfway point of the season.

Final score: Avenel 35.25 (235) def Longwood 0.2 (2)

Goals: N. Goodwin 7, K. Duncan 5, L. Drummond 5, A. Durnan 4, S. Taylor 3, H. McLean 3, C. McCloy 2, B. Avola 2, T. Muir, J. Myers, P. Arandt, G. Davies.

Best: G. Davies, J. Myers, M. Morgan, S. Durnan, A. Durnan, L. Drummond.