Rule changes for New Year

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

The rules of golf often cause some contention.

If you thought you knew all the rules, think again! Various changes have been introduced, effective from January 1.

If you want full details of the new rules, go to, where you will find information, including ‘10 Essential Videos to get you Rules Ready’.

Alternatively, get a copy of the 2019 Players Edition from the pro shop, which provides a shorter, more user friendly version of the rules.

Over coming weeks we will also include information on the new rules in this column, so stay tuned.

First up, one of the issues that has been raised in recent weeks has been the age old problem of slow play.

Under the new rules the time for searching for a lost ball is reduced to three minutes.

So there are no more long searches; find it in three minutes or keep moving.

Another simple one is the ball drop.

When taking a drop, the ball must now be dropped from knee height when in a standing position.

More on the rules in coming weeks.

On the course, despite the hot weather the fields have been okay in the past week, with three grades on Saturday and an impressive four grades on Wednesday, with stableford played on both days.

Saturday’s A grade winner was David ‘Digger’ Ring with 41 points, from Jarad Sommerfeld on 40.

In B grade it was Felicity McCalman with 39, a shot clear of Mark Thomas on 38.

In C grade Kirk Thompson had a massive 48 points to defeat Connor Thompson on 42.

We suspect Kirk’s handicap will not be around the mid 20s for much longer.

On Wednesday two of our top golfers battled it out in A grade, with Chris Thomson defeating Vince Kelly on countback, both with 39.

John Penna continued his good form to take out B grade with 40 points, from Wayne Hodgson 39.

Tony Tonta had 39 points to win C grade from Warren Bull on 36.

In D grade Murray Nilsson had the best score of the day with 42, one ahead of John Marshall.

Tomorrow is the Stubbs Wallace Accountants Monthly Medal and next Saturday, January 12, is the coveted Borella Cup.

In the clubhouse, bookings are slow for the Indian Night, next Friday January 11.

Please organise a table and book with June, or phone the clubhouse.

Tonight is a roast night, with a top feed for $20.

Raffle tickets are on sale from 6pm with meat raffle drawn at 7.30 and the Joker’s Wild, now worth more than $4000, at 8pm.

Last week’s results:

Thursday December 27, ladies stableford:

S Lugsdin 35, c/b J Choice.

Ball comp: K Leetham, P Davis, M Radeski.

Saturday December 29, single stableford:

A grade D Ring 41, r/u J Sommerfeld 40; B grade F McCalman 39, r/u M Thomas 38; C grade K Thompson 48, r/u C Thompson 42.

Ball comp: J Sommerfeld, K Thompson, C Thompson, M Nilsson, F McCalman, D McLean, I Fuller, M Payne, S Harris, I Campbell, P Docherty, J Scott, Chris Thomson, P Seely, M Thomas, S Thompson, J Lethbridge, K Thompson, P Grant, T Lugsdin, J Choice, J Irwin, D Alexander, P Hodgkinson, A Lord, D Ring, P Oddy, A Brunker, c/o 35.

NTP: 2nd P Seely, A Wettenhall; 5th B Barlow, M Nilsson; 9th P Joice; 11th K Leetham, A Lord; 13th S Bindon, D Alexander. Golden hole B Barlow.

Wednesday January 2, single stableford:

A grade C Thomson 39, c/b V Kelly; B grade J Penna 40, r/u W Hodgson 39; C grade T Tonta 39, r/u W Bull 36; D grade M Nilsson 42, r/u J Marshall 41.

Ball comp: M Nilsson, J Marshall, J Penna, R Sobolewski, C Thomson, R Taylor, A Tonta, V Kelly, P Seely, W Hodgson, L Pattinson, R Landy, J Sommerfeld, G Riley, K Dunmore, D Whelan, W Bull, D McQuie, B Barlow, I Fayle, A Hall, J Whittakers, J Metcalfe, G Willoughby, G Huntington, D John, A Purtill, c/o 35.

NTP: J Sommerfeld, T Tonta. Golden hole S Thomas.