Big Hole Golf

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

The next big event on our golfing calendar will be the Big Hole Golf charity day, on Sunday February 24.

This will be lots of fun with a novel format - the holes will be about 20 centimetres in diameter, so there will be no excuses for missing your putts. But remember, 100 per cent of short putts don’t go in!

The charity day is supporting Tee Up For Cancer and Vince Kelly’s Tour De Cure bike ride. It will be teams of four playing stableford, with NTP, longest drive and other novelty prizes.

It will be an early start with 8am assembly for 8.30pm shotgun hit-off. Bacon and egg rolls will be available to purchase for breakfast.

The $25 entry fee includes a barbecue lunch. Timesheet is in the pro shop.

On course, the Taskers Monthly Medal was played on Saturday and won by Duncan McQuie with net 68. Prue Grant won the ladies medal with net 67.

McQuie also won A grade by two shots from Chris Thomson, Grant won B grade by three shots from Shandra Simpson, and Ross Burnham had 70 net to win C grade from the ever improving Kaye Rourke.

On Wednesday Frank Conallin had a two over par round with 37 points to win A grade from Peter Seely, and Ron Aitken had 40 points to win B grade from Rod Parks on 37.

Last Thursday’s ladies comp was won by Lourene Liebenberg from in-form Pru Grant, and Tuesday’s nine hole stableford was won by Ruth Peacock with 23 points.

In the clubhouse, it’s congratulations this week to the ‘Joker King’ Ken Pearce who scored his second Joker’s Wild win in just over six months when he took out the $4600 prize on Friday night. This was on top of nearly $6000 he won in July.

Friday night regulars are asked to think about whether the Joker’s Wild should be continued, perhaps in a revised format, or should the club look at other activities for Friday night fun at the club. Any ideas would be welcomed - please provide feedback tonight to Garry Baker.

Finally, the new rule reminder for this week: Ready golf is now actively encouraged to ensure the game keeps moving. So there’s no need to throw etiquette out the door, but if it makes sense to play your shot even though a playing partner is further from the hole, go for it.

Last week’s results:

Thursday January 31, ladies stableford:

L Liebenberg 41, r/u P Grant 38.

Ball comp: M Rothwell, S Simpson, P Lloyd, K Sandford, L O’Brien, B Armytage, D Seignior.

Saturday February 2, Taskers Garage Monthly Medal:

Medal winner D McQuie, ladies medal P Grant.

A grade D McQuie 68, r/u C Thomson 70; B grade P Grant 67, r/u S Simpson 70; C grade R Burnham 70, r/u K Rourke 72.

Ball comp: P Grant, D McQuie, Chris Thomson, V Kelly, S Simpson, A Lord, G Rothwell, S Drennan, G Corboy, B Dixon, G Rodda, M Rothwell, D Ring, R Burnham, N Coleman, J Poka jnr, N Metcalfe, R Bolton, P Hodgkinson, M Aitken, N Werner, B Purtill, P Rourke, P Oddy, J Radeski, L Campbell, W Pitts, M Thomas, c/o 75. NTP: 2nd W Pitts; 5th J Poka jnr, N Metcalfe; 9th D Ring, R Burnham; 11th W Hodgson, A Liebernberg; 13th W Kirchen, G Rodda. Golden hole J Poka jnr.

Tuesday February 5, ladies 9 holes:

R Peacock 23, r/u B Daniels 21, 3rd J Hussey 20.

Ball comp: B Purtill, G Beckton, Y Holmes, J Adamson. NTP: D Hunter, R Lawrence.

Wednesday February 6, single stableford:

A grade F Conallin 37, r/u P Seely 36; B grade R Aitken 40, r/u R Parks 37.

Ball comp: R Aitken, R Parks, F Conallin, P Beckton, P Seely, G Huntington, P Gatacre, D Ramsey, B Barlow, R Gray, W Hodgson, J Irwin, A Tonta, L Pattinson, J Rhook, K Pearce, Chris Thomson, L Chapell, A Liebenberg, S Bindin, S Phillips. NTP: N Purtill, I Campbell. Golden hole P Gatacre.