Skill errors costly for Timbercutters

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

In football you aren’t always going to get reward for effort and Mathoura discovered that the hard way on Saturday.

It proved to be a frustrating afternoon for the Timbercutters as they suffered a 35 point defeat at the hands of Katamatite in their opening game of the season.

Going forward, skill errors proved to be Mathoura’s demise in a game where the margin did not reflect the performance, according to playing-coach Darcy Robinson.

‘‘I thought we beat Katamatite in the areas that we focused on coming into the match, so that was a positive,’’ he said.

‘‘We made fundamental skill errors and we were punished by a good side.’’

The match saw Katamatite’s Pat Horsburgh put in his second straight huge performance, which included two majors, with Brodie McDonald (five goals) and Jedd Wright (four) doing most of the scoring.

Pat Riordan, Nichol Clurey and Aaryn Cormican continued strong starts to the season for the Tigers.

Mathoura talents Beau Duggan-Hulands (two goals), Jake Ellery and Sam McHale were strong, while Jack Hughes (two), Keana Hall and Jesse Pridham also impressed.

Final score, Katamatite 12.8 (80) to Mathoura 7.3 (45).

While Robinson was left frustrated with the mistakes of his side, other areas of the game proved to be promising from a young Mathoura team.

‘‘On another day we probably get the reward we deserve.’’ Robinson said.

‘‘We will use this game as a real learning curve going forward.

‘‘Our ball use at times was terrific, we took real care, especially bringing it out of the backline.

‘‘If we can clean it up forward of centre, things will start to come together.’’

Heading into the game, Robinson noted the physical presence of Kata’s midfielders was the key to the result.

In the end, his prediction was telling.

‘‘Our younger guys probably got more fatigued as the game went on,’’ he said.

‘‘As you would expect their senior bodies are more used to those conditions for an extended period of time.

‘‘The more our younger guys experience that, the better conditioned they will be.’’

The next step on the Timbercutters’ development path comes against Picola United after the Easter break in a game that presents an opportunity for Mathoura to take it to the best.

‘‘Picola have been the benchmark of the competition for several years,’’ he said.

‘‘We’re very respectful of them, it’s where we want to be.

‘‘There is no reason we can’t beat them.’’

It was an ideal start to the season for Mathoura’s reserves, scoring a 29 point win over the Tigers.

After only leading by eight points at the main break, the Timbercutters took complete control in the second half, scoring 4.5 to 1.2.

Final score, Mathoura 6.10 (46) to Katamatite 2.5 (17).

Clint Atkinson was Mathoura’s best player with Andrew Simson (one goal) and James Rhook (one) also playing well.

Thomas Griffiths and Nathan Rowbottom were focal points up forward with two goals each, with Josh Williamson closing out Mathoura’s better players.