Rovers continue success at Jerilderie

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deni Rovers’ A grade side continued their success on the Jerilderie netball courts with a 21 goal win in round 13 of the Picola & District League on Saturday.

It was the Roos’ first game at Jerilderie since their breakthrough premiership win last year, with the Rovers feeling right at home against the Dees.

Montana Muldoon-Leetham impressed in her first game of playing all four quarters of A grade netball.

Her hard work and training was evident as she more than held her own against her Demons’ opponent, creating turnovers and providing consistent support in defence.

Chrissy Hurst must be an opponent’s nightmare as she is not only in outstanding form but also clearly directs the play from the backline.

The shooting duo of Carissa Bulmer and Jamie Henson combined seamlessly to build a healthy lead by the first break and outscoring Jerilderie in every quarter.

It was the unseasonal heat, rather than last week’s cold, that proved taxing for the Roos, but they handled it well with another strong win.

Final score, Deni Rovers 45 to Jerilderie 24.

Awards: Timbrr - Chrissy Hurst; IGA - Carissa Bulmer.

It was another satisfying whole team effort for the Rovers’ B grade side when they faced Jerilderie.

The change in the team’s work ethic and skill level since the beginning of the season has been remarkable, with every player giving their all and committing to the play.

Despite Jerilderie’s Ellie Marshall’s pinpoint accuracy, Kelly Thorpe’s consistent season continued with numerous intercepts and strong defensive pressure punishing any loose balls.

Mathilda Jacobs was outstanding in the circle, shooting a season-best score of 39 goals, ably supported by Bella Landale, who has morphed into a handy shooter.

Cara Meyer controlled the midcourt with terrific vision and precision passes.

The Rovers’ girls extended their lead at every break and ran out worthy winners by 22 goals.

Final score, Deni Rovers 56 to Jerilderie 34.

Awards: Timbrr - Kelly Thorpe; IGA - Mathilda Jacobs.

The Rovers put in a fantastic effort in C grade, but unfortunately were defeated by the Demons by eight goals.

Defender Dimity Bloomfield made the move to shooter to make up for the loss of Jade Meadowcroft, and shot beautifully to be a key player on the day.

Mid court player Casey-Lee Thommers performed exceptionally well adding pressure throughout the game.

Emma Fisher was put in WD for the game and impressed everyone with her one on one defensive skills and fingers to balls which made a massive impact.

Unfortunately the Roos were down in every quarter but outshone Jerilderie in the last quarter which was just a little too late.

Final score, Jerilderie 35 to Deni Rovers 27.

Awards: The Crossing Cafe - Dimity Bloomfield; Glow Beauty - Casey-Lee Thommers.

Deni’s C reserve had a tight game, with scores level at the end of the first and second quarters.

The Roos pulled ahead in the third to lead by three, before a strong last quarter saw them score an eight goal win.

Jackie Schramm and Maggie Ellis were awesome in defence, keeping Jerilderie’s shooters at bay.

Final score, Deni Rovers 34 to Jerilderie 26.

Awards: The Crossing Cafe - Jemima Treble; Motiv8 - Maggie Ellis.

It was a close game in all four quarters of the Under 15s games, with the Rovers fighting hard and never giving up to come away with the win.

Final score, Deni Rovers 33 to Jerilderie 27.

Awards: Scoop N Brew - Abby Whitehorn; Total Bliss - Matilda Glowrey.

The Deni Rovers Under 13s had a great game against the Demons, recording a 25 goal victory.

Lucy Pitt again showed her versatility moving from defence, where she was dangerous, into attack and shooting beautifully.

Makayla Finn displayed her strength, driving forward and being a valuable option in attack supporting and complementing Eliza Atley in the ring.

Allie Duffy gave the spectators what they wanted with some huge intercepts down back and was reinforced by Trin Larcombe and Erika Martin.

Hazel Glowrey was an energiser bunny in the centre. She delivered the ball well to Kate Jenkin and Lily Cameron.

Final score, Deni Rovers 29 to Jerilderie 4.

Awards: McDonald’s - Lucy Pitt; Evolve - Makayla Finn; Subway - Hazel Glowrey and Allie Duffy.

It was a tough day for the young Under 11s Blue Roos.

With a tight defensive pressure from Jerilderie, the whole court had to work hard on driving towards the ball to gain possession.

All the girls who had the opportunity to shoot nailed their shots in a great game by all.

Awards: McDonald’s - Miley McCully; Aria and Harper - Ruby Cowley; Scoop N Brew - Emily Harvey.


Rovers Under 11s White showed versatility again in the Deniliquin Netball Association on Wednesday.

Nakita Graham played a strong game in GA. She was supported by Eliza Hay in the ring and fed by Macie Ezard, Zarly Horne and Amelie Bulmer.

Eve Meharry and Issy Macknight both displayed solid and reliable passages of play up and down the court.

Awards: Subway - Macie Ezard, Eve Meharry and Nakita Graham.