Still following their dreams

Dream come true: Kinsey Graham is among 15 competitors from Dillmac who have competed in Adelaide for the last week at the national finals of the Follow Your Dreams song and dance competition.

Entertainment company Dillmac has updated The Riv on how the results of their performing arts competition is going so far

Fifteen students from the Campaspe entertainment company Dillmac have been sent over to Adelaide to perform in the national championships for the Follow Your Dreams (FYD) Dance and Vocal Competition.

Dillmac has been performing in heats since Monday, January 10.

While the seniors are still performing solos until Saturday, January 15, the troupes will be performing on Sunday, January 16.

Liz Dillon, partner of Dillmac, said the students had been working tirelessly all year to perform in the FYD competition.

Ms Dillon said “there has been some very tough competition in Adelaide” but she’s happy to announce Dillmac already has some “national winners”.

Here are the results as provided by Ms Dillon for the competition so far:

Musical Theatre under-10: Archie Turnbull (2nd) and Larni Heazelwood (4th).

Musical Theatre under-13: Georgia Armstrong (2nd), Kinsey Graham (3rd) and Amy Caldwell (honourable mention).

Ballad under-10: Larni Heazelwood (1st) and Archie Turnbull (3rd).

Ballad under-13: Kinsey Graham (1st), Georgia Armstrong (2nd) and Amy Caldwell (3rd).

Country under-10: Larni Heazelwood (1st).

Country under-13: Amy Caldwell (1st).

Pop under-10: Archie Turnbull (3rd).

Pop under-13: Kinsey Graham and Georgia Armstrong (equal 1st).

Disney under-10: Archie Turnbull (HM).

Disney under-13: Kinsey Graham (1st) and Georgia Armstrong (3rd).

Champion under-10: Larni Heazelwood (HM) and Archie Turnbull (2nd runner up).

Champion under-13: Georgia Armstrong (HM) and Kinsey Graham (1st runner-up).

Unfortunately, Josh Parker — who was due to perform at this year’s event — was unable to attend because of COVID-related issues on the day they were due to depart Victoria.

Ms Dillon said she was “totally devastated” by this.

“Last year Josh and Indi Gilmore were the only Dillmac performers involved in the event — due to COVID issues,” she said.

“In 2020 Josh came home with multiple trophies, so this was very sad.”

Originally there were 26 competitors selected out of 195 students, but as a result of COVID 19, those numbers were cut down to 16.

Without Josh on board, this number has been reduced further to 15.

Dillmac is the only Victorian troupe to attend the competition.