Ruby-Scooby Doo, where are you? Living the life of luxury

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Puppy dog eyes: Ruby was adopted by two millennials, now living the high life. Photos: Caitlyn Grant Photo by Caitlyn Grant

Once a primed athlete on the greyhound racing track, eight-year-old Ruby now lives the high life.

Adopted by two millennials six years ago, Ruby didn’t know what she was in for.

Formerly known as Carli on the racetrack, Charlotte and Jack Bowmaker swiftly changed her name to something a little more, well, Ruby.

The sleek pup came home from her adoption as a timid young thing, Mr Bowmaker said.

Up close and personal: The Bowmakers say Ruby’s long snoot makes her look like a fuit bat. Photo by Caitlyn Grant

Barely making a peep, she took a couple of weeks to settle into being a Melbourne metro dog as opposed to her old life.

But once she was comfortable, Ruby, or as the Bowmakers call her, Ruby-Scooby Doo, showed her personality and boy, it was rather big.

Ruby began to settle into the life of luxury ― the best dog food on the market, toys upon toys, daily walks and beds.

Yes, beds ― plural.

Mr Bowmaker said while she was a sweet dog and well-behaved at the best of times, her one recurring flaw had been in her destruction of sleeping arrangements.

Playing around: Ruby’s still as quick as lightning.

“I don’t even want to think about how many beds we’ve bought her,” he said with a laugh.

“She’s so good all the time, she just loves to ruin a bed or two when we’re not around.”

Of Ruby’s other cheeky habits, she’s been known to take a lick or two out of a cuppa and gradually find her way onto the human beds where she’s not allowed.

On reflection, Mr Bowmaker said that might be the reason for destruction.

Ruby’s favourite past-times include laying around for hours at a time, contrasted by a very sudden burst of energy showing her past career moves.

Sleek: The greyhound was an ex-racer. Photo by Caitlyn Grant

The Bowmakers moved home to Shepparton three years ago, giving Ruby some more room to run around at their Shepparton North property and Mr Bowmaker’s family farm in Dookie.

The Bowmakers said adopting their greyhound had been fun and at times quite a quirky journey, but they’d do it again in a heartbeat,

Sleepy girl: Ruby up on the couch with her toy fox. Photo by Caitlyn Grant