Angus sales reach $10.9 million

Beefed up: The Angus steer sale on December 1 grossed $5.6 million, while the December 8 cow sale totalled $5.3 million at Euroa saleyards. Photo by Megan Fisher

The Euroa Saleyards hosted another sizzling Annual Angus Feature Sale, ushering $10.9 million worth of beef through the gates over two days.

The steer sale on December 1 grossed $5.6 million, while the cow sale on December 8 totalled $5.3 million.

Saleyards manager E’vette Burrows said people were very happy with the steer sale and there was even more activity around the cow and calf sale.

“It’s the famous Black Angus sale ... they are our biggest events and most local buyers wait all year to buy at them,” Ms Burrows said.

“This year was slightly different because of the season, a few came through and bought cattle early.

“These are our last sales for the year and we won’t be back until January 12.”

The top-priced lot at the cow sale was Pen 2 at $4375 for grown heifers.

The top-priced lot of steers was again Pen 2 at $2620 for 403kg Angus weaner steers.

“Pen 2 tends to get the top prices,” Ms Burrows said.

“Pen 1 in the steer sale was actually 23kg heavier per steer but they sold for $2600.”

The steer sale averaged $2345 across the 186 lots.