Makeover for parasite management

The ParaBoss parasite management website and extension program is receiving a significant makeover to ensure it remains Australia’s leading parasite resource for sheep, goat and cattle producers across Australia.

The website upgrade and delivery of extension services to livestock producers will be led by Animal Health Australia, which received more than $1 million of funding from Meat & Livestock Australia and Australian Wool Innovation to deliver the project over the next three years.

The project will include designing a new producer-friendly website interface, making information easily accessible with improved regional information available at your fingertips, along with a revamped extension program which will involve face-to-face workshops and a series of webinars tailored for producers.

The University of New England will continue its important contribution to the program, ensuring delivery of enhanced extension services to livestock advisors and service providers.

MLA’s Michael Crowley said MLA looked forward to seeing the ParaBoss program go from strength to strength and was confident the investment with AHA would lead to positive outcomes for red meat producers.

“MLA is pleased to have AHA on board to lead the new phase of ParaBoss to ensure it remains the trusted resource for industry and continues to build the audience and user base into the future,” Mr Crowley said.

AWI’s Dr Jane Littlejohn said ParaBoss was a leader in the area of tailored parasite management for sheep producers, particularly flystrike.

“ParaBoss was originally developed through the Sheep CRC funded by both AWI and MLA. This new funding will continue to make consistent and accurate information available to all producers, to improve the health and welfare of their livestock,” she said.

AHA’s Adam Pate said he was delighted to be able to join forces with MLA, AWI and UNE to create a valuable partnership to ensure exceptional delivery of a valuable asset to the industry.

“ParaBoss aligns with our values to connect, collaborate, innovate and grow so we are keen to ensure we develop this resource to benefit livestock producers across Australia and advocated by our members,” he said.

The ParaBoss phase III project will be undertaken over three years and include delivery of an updated website anticipated in early 2022, along with extension services across the country which have already begun.

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