Search for alleged vandal and thief

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Police are investigating after a car’s window was smashed and items were later stolen from inside the car, in Deniliquin’s central business district on Saturday.

Witnesses told police a black car pulled up next to another car in the George St carpark, opposite the  ‘Reutilise’ sculpture, about 3pm.

The car’s single occupant left the car and allegedly threw an item at the other car, causing the driver’s side window the smash.

The driver got back in their own car and drove away, but returned a short time later with a passenger.

One of them has then allegedly put their hand through the smashed window, unlocking and opening the car door.

The owner of the damaged car reported cigarettes and ‘‘a couple of purses’’ missing.  One of the purses was in the glove box.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Deniliquin Police on 5881 9299.