Gas leak evacuation

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Staff and customers at Deniliquin's BP service station were evacuated about 2.50pm Monday when a car started leaking LPG when beng fuelled.

The owners of the vehicle reported it to the service station attendants, who placed BP in shut down.

While calling Triple Zero (000), staff placed barricades around the vehicle at the bowser.

Deniliquin Fire and Rescue NSW set up a formal protection line on arrival, and contacted police to set up a 100m exclusion zone around the vehicle.

Fire hoses were set up on temporary fixtures and put on a ‘fog’ setting to dissipate the gas.

Firefighters equipped with breathing apparatus inspected the vehicle and noticed the leak was coming from a gas line, but they were not able to isolate it.

They were forced to wait for the contents to empty, continuing to dissipate the gas with water for about 30 minutes. Exclusion zones were reopened at 4.15pm.