Police patrolling Murray River

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

People in Victoria who intend to enter NSW waters using a vessel on the Murray River must have a permit.

NSW Maritime and police are reminding people that NSW waters are considered to start from the high water mark situated on the Victorian side of the Murray River.

Police are patrolling the area and enforcing border entry requirements, similar to road travel into NSW.

A person found breaching the border restrictions could face an $11,000 fine and six months in prison. 

This requirement applies:

● To each person on board a vessel entering NSW waters from Victoria; and

● To all recreational and commercial vessels, including houseboats.

You can apply for a border entry permit via Service NSW.

People currently in NSW may continue to boat on the Murray River while staying within NSW waters. 

NSW Maritime is urging people to be aware of the increased health risk in Victoria, and to take extra care and be vigilant about physical distancing, minimising contact with others and maintaining good hygiene to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

They are also encouraging boaters to keep safety at the top of their minds, including wearing a lifejacket, carrying the required safety equipment, regularly checking weather forecasts and being aware of the risks associated with cold water.