Local heroes

By Jamie Lowe

Adam and Meg Marshall are joining the NF Hero Challenge in support of families across Australia impacted by Neurofibromatosis (NF).

The Deniliquin couple will set their own challenge to accomplish during the month of September in order to raise funds for the Children’s Tumour Foundation.

CTF is an organisation close to the Marshall’s heart, as they are completing the challenge for their five year-old son Eddie.

Eddie, who is now in Kindergarten at St Michael’s School, suffers from Neurofibromatosis type 1, an incurable genetic condition that can cause tumours to grow on any nerve cell throughout the body, including the brain and spinal cord.

Mrs Marshall said that while raising funds was important, there is much more to the challenge than money.

‘‘The challenge is about facing our fears or overcoming the odds,’’ she said.

‘‘NF patients have to face a lot of challenges and fears all the time, with MRIs and tests all proving to be pretty scary for a child.

‘‘We haven’t participated in this previously, but thought it would be something fun and different.

‘‘Eddie is at the age now where he can remember these things and we want to show him that he has that support.

‘‘Hopefully he can look back at this and see that mummy and daddy overcame a challenge and use that as inspiration to help him get through his own challenges.’’

The Marshalls have committed to the fundraiser, but are yet to decide on what their challenge will be.

It can be anything from a physical test, giving up alcohol, sugar or even coffee, or facing a fear.

While they have come up with a few ideas already, Mr Marshall’s recent ankle surgery means they have to think outside the box.

‘‘We are wanting to put sentiment on our challenge to represent the difficulty that comes with NF,’’ she said.

‘‘We did have the idea of riding 620 kilometres on a push bike, which represents the round trip to medical appointments, but that may be a bit difficult with Adam’s ankle.

‘‘We are going to find something meaningful and something within our limits.

‘‘We’re also open to suggestions on what we can do, so if anyone has any ideas we’d love to hear them.’’

The Marshalls have set a goal of raising $500, and so far have raised $175.

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