Blast from the past at Sirius College

Picnic: Left to right, Daria Butt, 5, in Foundation, Noor Alghazaly, 5, in Foundation, Heba Alfatelawi, 6, in Year 1 and Ahmad Alasadi, 6, in Year 1. Photo by Rechelle Zammit

Teachers and students at Sirius College dressed up in historical attire and experienced a school day from the past to celebrate 150 years of primary education for Education Week.

Faculty set up stations with traditional school activities and games for the kids to see what kind of teaching and equipment was used in the past.

Dressed for success: Ahmad Alsadi, 6, in Year 1. Photo by Rechelle Zammit

“Yeah, kids are having fun. They have been all practising the old rules, especially my class,” teacher Amninder Malhi said.

“They have been addressing all the teachers using sir and madam, which is nice.”

Education week at Sirius College: Front left, Gufran Alghazali, 7, in Year 2. Front right, Howra Alghazali, 6, in Year 1. Back left, Seif Alzeyadi, 5, in Foundation. Back right, Jenan Alghazaly, 5, in Foundation. Photo by Rechelle Zammit

Ms Malhi said the students and teachers had pulled out all the stops and had put together fantastic costumes for the day.

Foundation student Seif Alzeyadi said he liked the clothes he was dressed up in, cutting a dashing figure in his overalls and bow tie.

Skipping: Foundation students Seif Alzeyadi, 5, and Jenan Alghazali, 5. Photo by Rechelle Zammit